Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MissMidnight( SimilartoMrMidnight) #1 By Alicia Foo

Do u belive in ghosts,vampires,werewolves....? I don't but now I do. If you ever want to look in the mirror at midnight,at the same time bite an apple, I can tell you that you are out of your mind! I'm Celine Ho,12.My bestfriends,Emma West, Ivan Koh & Joseph Ong.They are also 12. It all started when Emma invited us to a house for a sleepover for 2 weeks to complete our school project. After packing my stuff, I headed straight to Emma's house. SInce the boys weren't there yet, we decided to have a screaming contest. Followed by styling our hair. Finally, the boys came. Emma said that for the 1st 3 days, we were going to have some fun and forget all about our project. When I took out my water bottle to drink some water, I screamed. "What la, Celine! Don't anyhow scream can? You very loud leh!"Joseph yelled at me.I imediately dropped my water bottle on the floor and pointed at it. My water bottle no longer contained mineral water, it was BLOOD! Joseph started to examine the bottle and said" Are you guys intrested to find this ghost?" Of course, I had to act brave, so I said " Sure,No problem!" But my heart told me that I was a crazy maniac! Since I agreed, Emma and Ivan agreed too. Joseph started telling us his plan. When I heard it, I was scared out of my wits. The plan was that we will seek for a ghost to return the blood since Joseph was Integrity. I could'nt belive I actually agreed to bite an apple at midnight looking in the mirror. Worst of all,there wouldn't be any adult there to protect us since both Emma's parents are working overseas. We setted our alarm clocks and went straight to bed. Ivan & Joseph were sharing a room and me and Emma are sharing another. "Ring Ring!"the alarm clock rang. As we headed downstairs, we saw the boys waiting for us. We headed to the bathroom together where there was a huge mirror there. As we went down stairs, my heart pumped quickly, Ivan saw it and put his hands around me, actually, I've alway knew he had a crush on me. Anyway when we looked in the mirror and bit the apple, Joseph held on tight to my water bottle. And soon, we saw a vampire in the mirror staring at us. Little did I know, we were in another dimenstion!
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  1. Alicia, i loved it execpt the part Ivan hugged celine pls continue i beg you!